Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ugh..I think winter is trying to get here sooner than I had hoped for. Today is cloudy, windy and cold and the weather channel says we are going to get snow and rain mixed! Yuck, that means slick roads and shoveling the sidewalk. For me shoveling is early morning...Like before the sun comes up early! The guys do it the rest of the day, but 6 AM shoveling just down right SUCKS ! With every scoop I toss, I think of the daycare babies that won't fall and get hurt because of my hard work, and lots of rock salt!
Yea, that thought only lasts as long it takes to toss one scoop of snow!

But hey...I am going to make it a better day! ( I hope).

Today, I make the final payment for Steele Shadow's college tuition for this semester. Now I can save for January...

Today I make 'The Putz" happy, I turned on the furnace (finally). And if you have ever seen the movie Grumpy Old Men...Yea, Putz lives in my house!

Today, I am going to let the oven do more warming than the furnace, thats right I only set the furnace to 58.....But the daycare kids get to make and eat cookies today!

And for myself I am going to make it a better day, because I just sent an email to my boss. Yep the part time job boss. I have been working 15 to 20 hours a week for 4 years without a raise! The job is changing and requiring my schedule to be more flexible....I don't have flexible. I live a solid schedule when it comes to working. The job is also requiring more hours during a transition phase that will last a year probably. This will require me working well into the night some times. Soooo, You guessed it...if they want me to work that hard it's gonna cost someone! And the old nickel or dime shit won't cut it! It is time to get paid for my effort and inconvenience as well as my work.

Yep I am smiling, I think this ugly day is gonna be a great day for me!

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The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Woohoo for you woman! You tell them how it's done. And what's up with the cookies? Try sending some MY way! Geeze!!