Thursday, October 23, 2008


Oh man, I love taking road trips, but this one is going to be a doozy!

Just taking a short jaunt up the highway to see my mil, I LOVE my mother and father in law, they are totally awesome. I have been married for 28 years and they have been divorced for 28 years, but they are so awesome when it comes to the kids, they both show up for get-togethers and get along just fine.

I am really looking forward to seeing her, however.....2 of my sister in laws will be there. Normally that is fine, but Ma's health isn't so good anymore and this trip is going to be a major downer I am afraid.

You see one of them has a big fancy job with a major restaurant chain and makes more money in bonuses than most families make with a year's salary. Yep, the old "Holier than Thou because I got money" thing. The sad part is that her and I used to be as close as sisters....I miss that. But alas we all grow up and away. Her hubby is a major factor in the loss of our great relationship, however he can make her happy for life and I can't, so I just accept it.

The other sister in law is a Registered nurse and feels she is the ONLY one who can diagnose Ma'a illness. Oh she is sooo good that she is better than ma's Dr. She thinks!

So hopefully we can set that all aside and just be there for ma this weekend. And hopefully the weather will hold up so we can make the trip safely.

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