Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long Month

Wow it has been a busy month.......

Our Vegas trip was wonderful, but wayyy to long! 8 days in Vegas will wear anyone out! The good news is that we won enough money to gamble on for the whole week on the first day we were there. That is always a plus!

Bluesfest was awesome.....4 days of camping with great friends and fabulous music!

I have pictures somewhere, will try to find a couple to add at the end of this blog....

And for those of you who know the Queen.....well, I had to do her a favor and flip off all of her ex family that showed up at Bluesfest......how was I to know who they all were????? Had to think on that one, but I figured out a way to make sure they all knew her sentiments......Think I got it??

Vegas trip picture

Hope you all had a Great July, I know I did!