Friday, October 30, 2009

Staying Home!!

I did it! I finally did it! I put my foot down!

I told the Hubby I did NOT want to go out of town again this weekend.
We have as much work done as we can possibly do until the day of the auction.....


 And YES, I got up and shoveled that shit just for the shitty ass parents that bitch kids to get to the door today....WHY?

So the parents could call me 45 minutes AFTER they were to be here and let me know they were not coming! BAH! I could have slept in......

But, we are staying home!! 12 weekends away from home in a row.....I am so ready to chill, but alas that won't happen either...

I am rearranging my entire house!! Anyone can come help, but I may not remember it until after the holidays....heheh, I stocked up on Vegas Bombs!

 OH YEA !!

A big hello to Mrsblogalot ! Great blog you got over there.....And if you check out my reading list you will see I have added a few new ones
Gypsy Nurse  and  this  one made me laugh......Go check out Andy and tell her I sent you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vegas Bombs are Flowing Freely

FML.......Yep, that's about all I have to say right now........
For those of you who have not been keeping up with the saga here.....get off your lazy ass and read the last few entries on here we are trying to prepare a house and all its contents for auction. In a relatively short amount of time....

And see how as this house is not in the same town as we are, it makes for tough working on the weekends...EVERY weekend!

So while there are 8 kids, 5 are only interested in ransacking the house....1 lives very, very far away, 1 lives 20 miles away, and we live 150 miles away. So every weekend we have several of us here. We decided that it was best to work on one room at a time.....NOT!! Those other 5???? Well they go to the office go through all the desk drawers, take out what they want, go to the next room, ransack the closets, take what they want, go to the family room, haul out a few boxes.......TO THEIR VEHICLES.....and go home. Leaving their hurricane aftermass to us to clean up...

Ummm, the Auction is November 7th, leaving us to push every minute we have to be ready. Now the realtor wants to have open houses.....Okay, I undertand the need for that. But now I am left with 3 days to have the house ready for an open house~~~ FML....right?

My SIL gets this bright idea.....She says "Hey how about you and I both take the week of the 12th through the 17th off and we can stay here at the house and work and get it all ready?" Good idea...I had to work on Monday, but cleared the rest of the week, okay we can do it in 4 days, no problem. Wrong...She has to work Monday and Tuesday, both 12 hour days. Okay I will come up Tuesday night, we can still do it! No she wants to wait now til Wednesday morning to start.......Oi Vey! Ok....Will do.

I get up early today, drive 2 hours to get here. She had just arrived, we are ready to start. Work good for 2 hours.....Oops, she has to stop for 3:00 she grabs up her stuff and says "come on, I have to work and you can hang out at my house with my hubby tonight, we will come back in the morning."

All I could do was stare at her and think WTF??

I told her no and so far this afternoon and evening, I have all the curtains washed and rehung, windows washed, all the upstairs walls washed,ceiling fans and light fixtures cleaned. Got the office cleaned out, 3 desks emptied, sorted and boxed. Carpet vacuumed and half of it shampooed. One bedroom completely finished and carpets done in there. Still want to get the upstairs bathroom done tonight and finish boxing up the kitchen. Tomorrow I can start on the downsatirs. I say "I can start" because guess what??? Yep she has to work tomorrow too! I should have just came up Monday night. If I am staying here alone I might as well have got the whole week of quiet time and physical exercise!

But I did bring enough Vegas Bombs to last the entire week.....for two!

Anyone want to come share??

P.S. What size batteries does the Queen need? (heheheh)

Friday, October 9, 2009


Some days it just doesn't pay
To try and help you along life's way.
Why is that you dare to say?
Someone will surely have to pay.

I think you woke with your brain confused
Did you forget to turn off snooze?
Your thought process is set on cruise
I think that  it's from to much booze!

Find your glasses, read the fine print
For it is there you will find the hint
That surely will show his true intent
Is nothing more than your wallet to dent.

If you must do it your way
Go ahead is all I can say.
For in your bed you'll have to lay
And I will get last laugh today!

When your feathers he starts to pluck
And you begin to feel your failing luck.
Remember that I told you to duck
And you to told me to take a flying F***

Some days it just doesn't pay
To try and help you along life's way.

 I am not a poet........yes I know it.......
if you don't like it.......BLOW IT !!