Monday, October 20, 2008

Friend or Friend??

Today I ponder the concept of friendship....What is a friend?
I have many friends...Good friends. So what are the others who you know, and get along with most of the time, but you really don't know so well?

We all have them...
You know the person you have only met a couple of times. The one who is funny, smart, fun to be know, the one you talk to only in the comfort of their own little circle, yet when you invite them into your circle they kinda snub ya? The one that you go to great lengths to protect all the little "secrets" you know about. Yea thats the one I am thinking of.

How many times do you continue to invite them and listen to the excuses why they can't make it? How many times do you give them the opportunity to get to know you before you say oh well and walk away?
I like to make sure everyone is included, but some people just have to make friends on their own terms I guess. What a shame.

So I sit here and think of all the friends I would not have if I had failed to step outside of my "comfort circle". I am so very thankful for my good friends. Yep the ones who stepped into my circle and the ones who invited me into their circle. And especially the ones who have helped me to connect our circles. Yep I have to think those are my BEST friends.

So now what about the people we were great friends with as kids....yep the ones who we grew up with and then our lives split....Have you ever found one of those lost friends? I have.

What a disappointment that was.....sigh...To reconnect 30 years later and find out that they went farther with their post high school studies and had no children and worked so hard they closed out everyone else. And now they are to smart and you are to insignificant to be their friend anymore. They are no longer anything like the person you once knew. Of course I am sure I have changed too. You know after working and raising 3 children and moving to another state, I don't believe for one second that I am the same person I was 30 years ago...I am positive I am a BETTER person, with a full and healthy perspective on life.

I like who I have become, and I love my friends with all that I am. Yep even the ones who pretend not to know me when its convenient. Yep, even the ones who are not sure about my friendship loyalties to them. Yep, even the ones I don't know anymore. And yep, I like me....why?

Because to hate is to damn much work and I have enough of that already !!

So, my friends.....have a great day and I really do love you all.

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