Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Blog world has lost a great funny man.....

Good Bye TNO, your humor will be missed, thanks for making so many of us laugh.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Uggh, where to start?

Well, first off I am the type of person who usually speaks my mind. If I am upset at someone, they are usually the first to know....not to say that I don't tell others I am upset, but if it's at you, I WILL tell you!

Just to kind of set the scene...We go out of town once a year for a very fun weekend. That weekend is coming up and because it is a pleasure weekend I do not use household finances to fund it. I save for it. A few bucks saved at the grocery store? Put it back for fun money...I do this for months.

I had been doing this and took those funds to the bank, got $400 in twenties. Stuck it in my purse. You know those little envelopes they put money in at the bank? Yep, left it in that....stuck it right in between my wallet and checkbook...forgot it.

Next day we were going to a get-together at a friends house. Was about 15 of us there. Had a great time! Ask one of my friends (a friend of many years) to grab my camera from my purse, it was right on top. She ask which purse was mine as there were 7 of them sitting on top of a freezer together. no problem, got the camera, took tons of great pics.

On Monday I decided to take that money out and put it away.....oops, WTH did I do with it? Oh, here is the little envelope! WTF there was 4 twenty dollar bills in it!!!!! What happened to the other 16 bills???? No, I did not get drunk and spend them....

Well, most of the people there spent the entire evening outside by the fire pit, wandering in and out for food and drinks. A few spent the majority of the evening inside. One person spent the entire evening sitting between the table and the freezer....yep the freezer with all the purses on it. Same said person borrowed money from me two weeks in a row prior to that evening. Same person called me that very Saturday and ask what I was taking for a food dish and commented that she had no money to take anything. I told her no problem, I would bring 2 dishes, one for her and one for myself. Same person happened to be the one I ask to retrieve my camera from my purse. Same person was at the bar 4 nights the following week, yep, the one night I was there she was buying my drinks....pulled out a bunch of 20's. Silly me, I ask how she got rich so fast...it was 3 days before her payday! Oh yea, she got her income taxes back. Boy was I suckered!

Long story short, I called could not shake the feeling that she STOLE $320 dollars out of my purse. I called her and ask her to come over, I needed to talk to her and it had to be in person, not on the phone. It took 3 calls and two weeks but she finally came over.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to confront a FRIEND about that shit??? Well of course she denied it, so guess I will blame myself for not removing it sooner, but I told her not to come back to me for help because I will NOT be available for her ever again!

HA! She just called and ask me to help her with her taxes!!! Thought they were already done and back!!??
I soooo feel the need for revenge....but alas, I digress. She has children and the trickle down effect of my actions would be unfair to all others that it would effect. Therefore, I am ranting here!!

But hey, my fun weekend is coming soon and I have prepared well enough that I am STILL going to have a blast!! Hope to have pics to post when I get back.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am obviously fairly new at blogging and often have no ideas of what to blog about. Most of my writing is personal experiences, but how much of that is 'to much' to put out there for the world?

Needless to say, when it comes to ideas I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, nor am I the comedian, I am not the creative artistic genius that I would so love to be. So I set forth to see what draws people to other people's blogs...I visited Google and found that I can Google blogs! Interestingly, I can Google by key words, You know, just type in any random word and see what is offered up.

There are strange blogs, funny blogs that make you pee your pants, serious blogs that make you want to cry, blogs that make you spit your drink at the screen, and blogs from people who seem as normal as you and I. I see where people blog for money, wow would I every starve to death with that job!

But I have found blogs that are only open to invite readers. Okay, thats cool, I have no problem there. It makes my mind wonder about all the reasons they would do that. I know there are hundreds of reasons, using a blog for a person diary and the therapy that comes with putting emotions into words. Using a blog to do, show, or say things that you want to stay anonymous with (shame on you?). A blog could be for family members only to stay in touch, a type of letter writing. All of these are okay if that's what you want.

And then I think of my own accounts on the computer...and I have to say hmmmm. I am one of those people I guess, just not quite in the same way.
I have a blogger account, twitter account, plinky account, Google account, Yahoo 360 account, myspace account, facebook account, I use MSN instant messenger, Yahoo instant messenger and I have a profile on everyone of those accounts. Some are private, some are not. Why? I really have no idea. My hubby and kids know of all of them. So why are some private and not others?

I guess my Mother has been left out of knowing about some of them, my brother knows of them, but not how to get to them, all of my friends and close family can get to any of them, so why are some private? I really can't tell you or even myself for that matter. It makes me feel as though I have an "underwear drawer" so to speak. You know, the nice little "hiding spot" for all your goodies at home. Yea, thats it...the first place anyone would look for something hidden (chuckle).

I guess it is just kind of like having a drivers license in my wallet. I know it's there, you know it's there, all tucked away but not visible to any one unless I take it out and show it off. Available to use whenever I want, for whatever reason....
What do you use your accounts for and how public are you with them?

Monday, March 9, 2009


After my last post I got to thinking and decided I did need some time off!! Last minute decision....Hubby and I ran away for the weekend! It was wonderful! We loaded up and went to visit my Mother in Law. Had a terrific, totally relaxing and wonderful weekend. So first thing this morning it was back to work, business as usual and totally exhausting!

Is it the weekend yet? I am ready to do it again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Am Not Really AWOL

I swear I am not AWOL! I don't think many of you know it but I have a part time job other than the daycare. Yep, I spend 3 evenings a week extending and retailing invoices for a local convenience store chain. Well by local I mean we they have 22 stores across 2 states. So with growth comes change. The stores are receiving scanners. No big deal right? WRONG.

I thought my job would be ending when the conversion took place. WRONG again. Now the big job is getting all the information into place to send to the registers in all the stores. Piece of cake! NOT

I guess I never really realized how much information those little scanners need. I never paid much attention to the little UPC codes on EVERY product. On EVERY flavor and EVERY size. Do you have any idea how many flavors of 20 ounce Cokes there are? or Frito lay products? I could go on forever......

Bottom line is I opened my mouth and offered to help, you know make a few extra bucks to help pay for college for steele_shadow. A little spending money to toss his way.....Well, I jumped in with both feet and pulled a whopping 59 hours this last week. Only to find out that we are not even close to having the 58 price books we have created close to being ready for the out of town stores!!!

I have hired help to come in and help me with the daycare as that is a full time job in itself. So you see I really am not AWOL, I have been uberly BUSY! Oh yea, I take 15 minutes every morning to make my rounds and read up on every one, and I try to make it back in the evening just before I plop my ass into go to bed. So, I hope you miss me while I am away, but remember I will be back, I promise hope.

Oh Yea, before I forget.....The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess made me something very special. Now if this dummy can figure out how to get it, you will all be in for a real treat. She does some AWESOME graphics work and I am so hoping you can all go check her out for all your graphics needs! Stop back by when I figure this out and check out my new layout!