Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay, it has officially been decided!! There are to many gun toting, lying, low down, out right, sorry ass people on the internet....Not all mind you, but to many looking for the wrong kind of friends...
So with that I have decided that my blog is simply my diary. For my eyes only....For me to look back upon and remember the feelings of the day.

Some day when I don't have to fret that someone I tried to befriend will hunt me down with gun, I may choose to reopen it.

Today I have thought about every thing that has happened since March, and I guess I really deep down knew that when all the others were no longer around to be abused and accused, it would be my turn. But I stayed anyway....Maybe waiting for my turn, maybe not. Who knows.

But I do know that I will not stoop to the level of those who need an audience to be content. I will not live to hurt or be hurt by others. I have no desire to associate with those who will try to hurt you and when confronted, run and hide so that their new friend quests won't know the truth until it is to late....

Today I reclaim my life without internet friends.....today I close blogspot and go back to my old blogging ground. Where I do not have to close out the world and let in the chosen few, but have the choice to close out only the few bad ones.

Paranoia will either kill you or send your ass to prison.....have fun with it if you choose not to seek help!

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lovinmommy said...

thanks for the invite. i enjoy your blogs and will continue reading!