Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay, so you all know about my brother coming to live with me.....I have to tell you all that I am so happy! He has done well. Learning quickly how to clean, cook, do laundry and be self sufficient (still working on keeping money on hand).

We are still working on social skills, but they are coming along nicely. He has learned how to control the relationship with his mother without giving up on it. He is now able to keep her guilt trips and button pushing to a bare minimum, he is ok with hanging up the phone when she tries, and he is controlling his anger very well.

So the next logical step is.......YEA, I am so excited......yep, we found him his own apartment!!!!

Imagine my surprise when he comes to me with "Sis, will you help me move?"
HELL YEA, I will! And will do it happily! The last 5 months have been a blessing in disguise for me, but let me tell you, this is a happy moment in our lives!!!!

So this weekend I will be busily helping him move, set up and decorate his own place.

Come Saturday evening.....I told the son he has to endure my celebrationleave the house and not come home til the next day, as I will be celebrating by dancing nekkiddrinking Vegas Bombs and ok, what the hell, I may even dance nekkid in my UNshared home, unless someone comes to drink with me!!


The Queen said...

Now is Crow gonna come get the dogs drunk and make them smoke while you party? Cause I have to tell you.. that may have been the funniest thing I have ever seen posted on the internet in my life..

Granny Nanny said...

Oh hell, Ozzy doesn't need Crow for that, he loves alcohol and smokes!!! And it makes him calm, and for an ADHD dog thats tough to do.....But I really should invite her, she hasn't drank with me for a while....wait, she would post pics of me dancing nekkid!!!! So not a good idea :( But you guys really would not believe the stories about this dog unless you met him!

The Queen said...

GOOD MORNING OZZY AND GRANNY!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to do that cause I assume you will have a slight hangover this morning..and I wanted to be the first to welcome you to SUNDAY MORNING.. really LOUD! Now,, I'M OFF TO COOK YOU BACON AND EGGS... REALLY LOUD! POTS AND PANS RATTLING.....gotta go...