Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family, fun, and good times! The Grandkids colored Easter eggs yesterday for the bunny to hide, and bright and early this morning the hunt was on!
Cooking started early in our house and as the smells of holiday foods filled the house, the men entertained the little ones, the women ( Para and I ) cooked, and laughed and took pictures.

Little Para decided that everyone was playing hide and seek with the eggs and no one wanted to share with her so she had to play hide and seek by herself.....where's the baby???

There she is .....yep, BEHIND the backer's rack!!!!

Now everyone is done eating, the little ones and the guys are napping and later tonight it will be time for some family games.

I hope we all remembered to take time to teach our children the reason for Easter other than the whole Bunny/Egg theme, and may we all be so blessed as to have someone special to share the day with!

God Bless you All!!