Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It is my turn to rant!! I am offended and yes, even ANGRY. So if you are not in the mood for a temper tantrum.....go away NOW !

Okay Mr Boss....You called me! yea, you wanted a meeting with me! So I come at your beckon call....on MY time.....yea, I don't even get paid to listen to your bull shit!

First of all YOU set the time and date....I was 5 minutes early and had to wait 15 minutes for you! I am busy and had to pay someone else to take care of my "other" business while I sit and wait for your ass!

Then you tell me that YOU are not happy that you had to pay me for 120 hours worth of work in 2 weeks!! Asshole, your the one who set the installation schedule for the stores! And you tell me this stuff all has to be ready to send to the registers on time!! You think that shit does itself??? To the tune of over 3000 products/flavors/sizes/UPC codes at an average of 20+ vendors per store, and you have 21 stores!

And YOU also wanted to make sure all the specials/sales were in and ready including costs, retails, and start/stop dates?

When the FUCK was I supposed to do all that? On my own time?! NOT

And now you think to control my hours you want me to come to YOUR office to do the same work and limit the hours to 5P.M. to 10 P.M. Monday through Friday???

You want me to sit in a locked office after hours and work for you?! And lock up the same said office (that just happens to sit on a dark alley) after 10 P.M.? NOT HAPPENING

You want me to be AWAY from my family every night of the week while you go home to your family?
You want to sit at the supper table for dinner every night while I sit in an empty office and munch at a desk? Or eat after 10P.M.? NOT HAPPENING

You set up this whole off site employment shit when I walked out on you....and then worked for another 30 days.....

You are the one who told me I would not have a job when I returned if I left when my Father was dying.....TOUGH SHIT....I left any way.....and you still had me working when I returned...Yea, you were an ASS and docked my SALARY PAY, and made me use vacation pay for those THREE days!

You are the one who didn't see fit to increase my SALARY PAY when I worked 10 summers straight without a day off from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

You are the one to refuse to send help after I caught and reported your "best employee ever" stealing from the company in huge quantities...leaving the store short on help. And for that, I received what kind of bonus????

Oh yea, I remember....do you???? I worked 35 hours straight....by myself.....in a store in the worst part of town!!! Remember that ASSHOLE!!! No breaks to eat, smoke or even sit! That is OVER 4 straight 8 hours shifts! Remember what I got paid for that??? MY SALARY PAY! Yea, I remember....

Now you want to control the hours I work? FUCK YOU

I am 5 stores ahead of your stupid installation schedule.....did you realize that before you went off on my ass? NO

You think you can do the work in less time....HAHA Try it!

Do you realize that I had been with this company 7 years before you were hired? Do you care? Well neither do I.

Remember the day you came into the store I was working and decided it was okay to scream at me in front of customers? Yea, the day I decided to scream back.....You told me if I didn't like the way you did things I should start my own business......So I DID!

And it has been running fantastically for 7 years now.....

The only reason I work for you is because I don't have to see you and it pays the taxes on MY business!

But I don't want need your shit!!!

And if You would bother to look at who is logged into your servers and when they are logged in you would see that I cut you a MAJOR break on those hours!!! DUMB ASS

And thanks to another crazy bitch(said with a smile) blogger I have a new name for you.....FUCKTARD!!!!

Fire my ass if you want, but you will not get the work done.....not the right way.....
Go hire some ditz off the street and see where that gets you....You might get to feel big, but the work will not get done!!! Not the way you want it done....

So now instead of telling me you will get back to me in a couple days about my job, maybe you should hope I don't tell you to TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!


The Queen said...

See I told you letting your head spin around and spitting pea soup out your nose is a good thing..

Welcome to the dark side.. we have cookies..and booze...

now,, pour yourself a drink,, lite up a smoke..and put your feet up.. you earned it..

Granny Nanny said...

BAH !! That's it! That's why I am so grouchy!!!! no Alcohol or Tobacco for 5 days..... GRRRR, Ready to rip off someone's head and shit down their throat!!