Tuesday, May 5, 2009


What is the first thing you think of when a male teacher or administrator takes a female child away from school in their personal vehicle without parental permission?

Would that thought be different if it were a female teacher with a male child?

Keep in mind that I am referring to GRADE school children.....What is the thought now???

If an administrator has a Doctorate are you required to call them Dr. or is Mr., Mrs., Miss okay?

Looking back, I see a few mistakes made on both sides..... I did not address her as Dr......my mistake.

Taking my grandson, Sir Talks-a-Lot, out of school without permission....her mistake.
In her personal vehicle......her mistake.
To his home and going inside the house when no one was home.....her mistake.
On more than one occasion....her mistake.

Now I can be a reasonable person, when it comes to me....When it comes to my children or grand kids....not reasonable....

Lucky for her I was not the one handling the situation. Para stepped in.....not sure that was good either, but she thought it through.....

She called the principle ask her why she did it and ask her not to do it again.....

The FREAKING woman called her petty and told her it was no big deal....her mistake.

So Para called the School Superintendent, told him of the happenings and ask him to talk to Dr principle. He said "No big deal".....His mistake.

Pissed off Para + her child's well being = Police Department

Report taken seriously by them! The Officer entered the school and let Dr. Principle know that IF she left the school with child again, charges would be filed. If she entered home again uninvited, charges would be filed. IF she stepped on said property, charges would be filed.

Pissed off Dr. Principle + revenge = Child Protective Services

3:20 P.M. and they show up at the door!!! Para told them to make themselves at home, she was leaving to pick up kids from school!

Turns out that 3 weeks before this all happened Sir Moves-a-lot had a split lip, Nurse ask him about it, checked with Sir Talks-a-lot and deemed the boys were playing and it happened. never told mom that they were even concerned about it. 3 weeks later that's the excuse for CPS!!!

Well, CPS worker would not confirm that it was the good Dr that called it in, but she did tell Para how to file harassment charges with the court against the caller.....and sent a letter of dismissal of complaint..... makes ya go hmmmmm, right?

So here goes Granny Nanny to the school.....Spittin Fire....First person I see, yep Sir Talks-a-lot...he begs Grammin not to go in there. he says there is only a couple weeks left and he does not want to deal with her. Smart kid.....I didn't have bail money anyway!

Guess we will have to wait and see the outcome!

How would YOU handle this situation???? WITHOUT a SHOTGUN???


Dana said...

No ... as a matter of fact, I wouldn't handle it without a shotgun! But that's just me ...

School administrators have some of the BIGGEST egos of any profession.

Chris said...

Wait, wait, wait, don't paint us all with the same brush. I am an elementary principal and I'll tell you what your school's principal did was entirely unacceptable on many levels. Occasionally we are asked to take a kid home from school, but we ONLY do it with parental permission and ALWAYS with more than one school employee. That's just common sense.

Sounds to me like you took exactly the right steps . . . talked to the principal, then the superintendent, then John Law.

Sorry that your school's "leader" is a bit short on logic and large on ego. But we're not all like that.

Granny Nanny said...

I don't feel that way about all admin....My kids went to this same school and life was great, with excellent teachers! But this relocated principle is as wide as she is tall and has an ego to triple her size!