Friday, October 30, 2009

Staying Home!!

I did it! I finally did it! I put my foot down!

I told the Hubby I did NOT want to go out of town again this weekend.
We have as much work done as we can possibly do until the day of the auction.....


 And YES, I got up and shoveled that shit just for the shitty ass parents that bitch kids to get to the door today....WHY?

So the parents could call me 45 minutes AFTER they were to be here and let me know they were not coming! BAH! I could have slept in......

But, we are staying home!! 12 weekends away from home in a row.....I am so ready to chill, but alas that won't happen either...

I am rearranging my entire house!! Anyone can come help, but I may not remember it until after the holidays....heheh, I stocked up on Vegas Bombs!

 OH YEA !!

A big hello to Mrsblogalot ! Great blog you got over there.....And if you check out my reading list you will see I have added a few new ones
Gypsy Nurse  and  this  one made me laugh......Go check out Andy and tell her I sent you!

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Anonymous said...

off like a prom dress... good finds.. I looked for the nurse.. but alas.. I couldn't get her link.. you are much better a hunting them down than I..

the queen