Friday, March 27, 2009


Uggh, where to start?

Well, first off I am the type of person who usually speaks my mind. If I am upset at someone, they are usually the first to know....not to say that I don't tell others I am upset, but if it's at you, I WILL tell you!

Just to kind of set the scene...We go out of town once a year for a very fun weekend. That weekend is coming up and because it is a pleasure weekend I do not use household finances to fund it. I save for it. A few bucks saved at the grocery store? Put it back for fun money...I do this for months.

I had been doing this and took those funds to the bank, got $400 in twenties. Stuck it in my purse. You know those little envelopes they put money in at the bank? Yep, left it in that....stuck it right in between my wallet and checkbook...forgot it.

Next day we were going to a get-together at a friends house. Was about 15 of us there. Had a great time! Ask one of my friends (a friend of many years) to grab my camera from my purse, it was right on top. She ask which purse was mine as there were 7 of them sitting on top of a freezer together. no problem, got the camera, took tons of great pics.

On Monday I decided to take that money out and put it away.....oops, WTH did I do with it? Oh, here is the little envelope! WTF there was 4 twenty dollar bills in it!!!!! What happened to the other 16 bills???? No, I did not get drunk and spend them....

Well, most of the people there spent the entire evening outside by the fire pit, wandering in and out for food and drinks. A few spent the majority of the evening inside. One person spent the entire evening sitting between the table and the freezer....yep the freezer with all the purses on it. Same said person borrowed money from me two weeks in a row prior to that evening. Same person called me that very Saturday and ask what I was taking for a food dish and commented that she had no money to take anything. I told her no problem, I would bring 2 dishes, one for her and one for myself. Same person happened to be the one I ask to retrieve my camera from my purse. Same person was at the bar 4 nights the following week, yep, the one night I was there she was buying my drinks....pulled out a bunch of 20's. Silly me, I ask how she got rich so was 3 days before her payday! Oh yea, she got her income taxes back. Boy was I suckered!

Long story short, I called could not shake the feeling that she STOLE $320 dollars out of my purse. I called her and ask her to come over, I needed to talk to her and it had to be in person, not on the phone. It took 3 calls and two weeks but she finally came over.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to confront a FRIEND about that shit??? Well of course she denied it, so guess I will blame myself for not removing it sooner, but I told her not to come back to me for help because I will NOT be available for her ever again!

HA! She just called and ask me to help her with her taxes!!! Thought they were already done and back!!??
I soooo feel the need for revenge....but alas, I digress. She has children and the trickle down effect of my actions would be unfair to all others that it would effect. Therefore, I am ranting here!!

But hey, my fun weekend is coming soon and I have prepared well enough that I am STILL going to have a blast!! Hope to have pics to post when I get back.

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