Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am obviously fairly new at blogging and often have no ideas of what to blog about. Most of my writing is personal experiences, but how much of that is 'to much' to put out there for the world?

Needless to say, when it comes to ideas I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, nor am I the comedian, I am not the creative artistic genius that I would so love to be. So I set forth to see what draws people to other people's blogs...I visited Google and found that I can Google blogs! Interestingly, I can Google by key words, You know, just type in any random word and see what is offered up.

There are strange blogs, funny blogs that make you pee your pants, serious blogs that make you want to cry, blogs that make you spit your drink at the screen, and blogs from people who seem as normal as you and I. I see where people blog for money, wow would I every starve to death with that job!

But I have found blogs that are only open to invite readers. Okay, thats cool, I have no problem there. It makes my mind wonder about all the reasons they would do that. I know there are hundreds of reasons, using a blog for a person diary and the therapy that comes with putting emotions into words. Using a blog to do, show, or say things that you want to stay anonymous with (shame on you?). A blog could be for family members only to stay in touch, a type of letter writing. All of these are okay if that's what you want.

And then I think of my own accounts on the computer...and I have to say hmmmm. I am one of those people I guess, just not quite in the same way.
I have a blogger account, twitter account, plinky account, Google account, Yahoo 360 account, myspace account, facebook account, I use MSN instant messenger, Yahoo instant messenger and I have a profile on everyone of those accounts. Some are private, some are not. Why? I really have no idea. My hubby and kids know of all of them. So why are some private and not others?

I guess my Mother has been left out of knowing about some of them, my brother knows of them, but not how to get to them, all of my friends and close family can get to any of them, so why are some private? I really can't tell you or even myself for that matter. It makes me feel as though I have an "underwear drawer" so to speak. You know, the nice little "hiding spot" for all your goodies at home. Yea, thats it...the first place anyone would look for something hidden (chuckle).

I guess it is just kind of like having a drivers license in my wallet. I know it's there, you know it's there, all tucked away but not visible to any one unless I take it out and show it off. Available to use whenever I want, for whatever reason....
What do you use your accounts for and how public are you with them?


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