Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Am Not Really AWOL

I swear I am not AWOL! I don't think many of you know it but I have a part time job other than the daycare. Yep, I spend 3 evenings a week extending and retailing invoices for a local convenience store chain. Well by local I mean we they have 22 stores across 2 states. So with growth comes change. The stores are receiving scanners. No big deal right? WRONG.

I thought my job would be ending when the conversion took place. WRONG again. Now the big job is getting all the information into place to send to the registers in all the stores. Piece of cake! NOT

I guess I never really realized how much information those little scanners need. I never paid much attention to the little UPC codes on EVERY product. On EVERY flavor and EVERY size. Do you have any idea how many flavors of 20 ounce Cokes there are? or Frito lay products? I could go on forever......

Bottom line is I opened my mouth and offered to help, you know make a few extra bucks to help pay for college for steele_shadow. A little spending money to toss his way.....Well, I jumped in with both feet and pulled a whopping 59 hours this last week. Only to find out that we are not even close to having the 58 price books we have created close to being ready for the out of town stores!!!

I have hired help to come in and help me with the daycare as that is a full time job in itself. So you see I really am not AWOL, I have been uberly BUSY! Oh yea, I take 15 minutes every morning to make my rounds and read up on every one, and I try to make it back in the evening just before I plop my ass into go to bed. So, I hope you miss me while I am away, but remember I will be back, I promise hope.

Oh Yea, before I forget.....The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess made me something very special. Now if this dummy can figure out how to get it, you will all be in for a real treat. She does some AWESOME graphics work and I am so hoping you can all go check her out for all your graphics needs! Stop back by when I figure this out and check out my new layout!

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