Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am so glad to see everyone getting back into blogging!! Makes my morning coffee so much better with good reading, except of course when I spit my coffee at my monitor and keyboard......Thanks for that Queenie.

We are still busy going out of town every weekend.....I am really tired of that already, I don't think the work will ever be done.

T has been so busy being his Mom's Personal Representative that he really has not had time to grieve at is wearing hard on him and we all know what happens then.....yep, shit runs downhill and I have to catch and bag!

He has decided to put both houses, the car and all personal property into an Estate Auction......He says it is not worth the money to list the properties with Realtors, run ads for everythng......He does not want to take care of two empty houses all winter. Can't say that I blame him there.....

But where so we draw the line??? Ma had a good chunk of change in investments and stocks (not enough to let me be a SAHM unfortunately), the two houses combined are worth a little over 200 grand. The car books for 16,400, and then we still have the property in Branson to try and get rid of.....UCK! A time share no less!!

We did take all of the dress clothes hanging in all 5 closets to the local YMCA, thought it would be nice to help those women dress for success! And donated both newspaper subscriptions to the public schools, all the magazines and craft items went to the local Veterans hospital. And believe it or not.....

Ma had been saving empty prescription bottles for 3 years!!!  WTF??? is all I could think of......then I found out that those bottles get reused for Veterans!!!!!  What a great idea to help cut the costs of their meds!! Yep those got donated too.

So we choose to auction every thing and take a financial loss on all of it basically.....Except that there are the 5 step brothers......they are to share in the sale of the small house.....they don't want to auction it. Nor do they want to be responsible for it while it sits empty. 4 of the 5 are closer than we are! But according to Ma's will, Tory has to sell it in a timely manner.

What the hell is timely??

How long should he wait?? I have never had to go through anything this extensive, any ideas or thoughts would be helpful.... But bring them on quickly......
I been scratching my head so much it is starting to bleed and my branin is oozing out!!!!

For now I think I will just keep on drinking...... CHEERS!


The Queen said...

Vegas Bombs.. the Queen... and several hand guns.. we should be able to fix this little problem right up.. Ask T which weekend he needs help.. I"m just saying..

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

Dear other siblings,

T is required by the will to settle the house issue in a "timely manner". For that reason (and others) we are choosing to sell the house in an estate auction with the proceeds being split there afterwards. Should you feel that this is not the best (aka. most profitable) action, please feel free to contact your local loan officer. You are welcome to place a bid on the house at the estate auction. Should you win the bid, you will be refunded your inheretited portion of the price and may then sell the house on the market for whatever profit you think you can get. Should you be unable to attain a loan for this property, or unwilling to make such an effort, I suggest being damn happy your mother thought you worth a portion of her wealth. If all else fails, I'm sure we could just GIVE IT AWAY to a charity who would appreciate it much more than you!!

-- Sincerely,
If all else fails we'll just buy matches!

hope that helps hun!! Hang in there!

Granny Nanny said...

Great letter, I'm a thinkin I may just use that!