Friday, June 19, 2009

Nope, I haven't forgotten about blogging! I have been so busy.......

My youngest earned the right to compete at Nationals for Phi Beta Lambda, so we have been getting him ready for his trip to Anaheim. He left this morning, and I am hoping he does well and has fun! Soon it will be time to pack him up for College and he is going to Wayne State this year, so I will officially be the "empty nester".

I have always thought I would be glad when my kids were grown because Hubby and I could do the things we wanted to do then......but damn every weekend this summer has something going on....oh yea, it's the things we want to do!!!!

The Fourth of July is fast approaching and that is one of our biggest holidays of the year. So we are getting every thing ready for that.

Currently we are in the middle of Nebraskaland Days, so we went to 2 concerts, 2 rodeos, a roping practice, and golf this week.....See, I told you we have been busy!

We still have to make a trip to see MIL this weekend, then run an over night trip to the lake for Father's Day, Next weekend is the Hubby's Birthday, so we have some celebrating with friends to do then, the following weekend is July 4th, the next weekend we will take the camper and go to Bluesfest for 3 days.

Got the idea yet??? Well there is more!

Family camping trip with the kids and grand kids, week and a half in Vegas! And ending the summer the last weekend in August with hubby's 30 year class reunion!

But I will get back to share all of our hang with me guys......

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